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The annual tradition of every Rotary Club in the world: the installation of new officers. 
 A fantastic time was had by all!
Another District Conference has come and gone.  We had wonderful weather, fabulous fellowship and took home our share of knowledge, ideas, inspiration and awards.
Stan and Rachel did an incredible job presenting their NID trip to India to the whole assembly.  In addition to their talk, we heard from many other clubs and learned about some extremely interesting projects that are happening around our district.

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140120_alpayBy Şafak Alpay, RI director-elect and a member of the Rotary Club of Istanbul-Sisli, Turkey

About ten years ago, an ambitious literacy campaign was started in our region using the Concentrated Language Encounter (CLE) method. Like all other clubs, my club Sisli participated with great enthusiasm, running a course for women in one of Istanbul’s slum neighborhoods.


This year's Charity Auction was another fun time and a great success. 

Every week since about February, you start hearing your president harping about District Conference.  So what is it all about, anyway?

We've added another fine new member!   David is the owner of Mahan Redemption Center in Old Town.  Our snowbirds are just returning home so if you haven't had the opportunity to meet him yet, make sure to say hello at the next meeting.

Well the season is over and the scores are in.  Congratulations to our winners of the Polio Plus Superbowl game!!!



First Quarter: Ralph

Second Quarter: Stan

Third Quarter: Bruce

Game Final: Sandy

And the BIG Winner:  POLIO PLUS!!! 

Thank you to everyone who played the special Superbowl edition of our game.  We raised another $125 for Polio Plus and that makes us all winners.

January is Vocational Service Month.  We have all heard the term a lot in Rotary but do we really know what it means to provide Vocational Service? 
On a beautiful sunny day in southern California the streets of Pasadena were lined with more than 700,000 excited people awaiting the New Year’s Day extravaganza.  Through the wonders of our technological age, they were joined by about 53 million others in the United States alone, and another 28 million around the world.  It was the 127th Tournament of Roses Parade!  And yep….I was one of the 53 million.  I am not one to sit and watch parades in general but I had an ulterior motive …I wanted to see my float.  WHAT?  I had a float in the parade??? 
Once again our fellow Rotarians in Bangor hosted a magnificent Parade of Lights....a spectacular community event beloved by kids of all ages.  We were proud to be able to join in the fun with our End Polio float and it was a crowd pleaser.
President Sandy reports:  "We did not win but we had a great float, the biggest we have done so far, and you should have heard the crowd cheer whenever our "Gifts" to the World popped up and danced!  It was great!!  Everyone had a great time and we are looking forward to coming up with a theme for next year's float!"
The winning floats are listed below:
  • Outstanding Non-Profit Entry is Bangor Rotary
  • Outstanding Youth Entry is Boy Scouts Pack 6 Bangor
  • Outstanding Commercial Entry is Lane Construction
  • Outstanding Performing Entry is Morita's School of Dance
  • Outstanding Adult Entry is Citizens of Maine, LLC
  • Outstanding Band Entry is Pride of Madawaska Marching Band
Congratulations to this year's winning floats...but face it we all win when we make the people in our community happy!  Thanks to all of you who worked so hard to bring our End Polio float to life.  Santa is sure to fill your stockings to the brim!  Thanks to Robin for taking some photos of our float.  You can see them in the photo album on the left. 

This past week we were fortunate to have two special guests join our meeting.   
Ann Cote came as a visiting Rotarian from Rhode Island and brought her sister Cheryl.  Ann is here in Maine staying with her sister Cheryl who is staying at Sarah's House during treatments!  What a wonderful thing to meet someone getting the help they need in a warm and inviting place all because of a Rotarian who had a dream.

This past week we had a great program with an update from Bill Miller and Mike Noyes from one of OTR's long standing favorite organizations to support....Camp CaPella! 
 Camp CaPella is a lakefront summer camp at Phillips Lake that provides diverse recreational and educational opportunities for children and adults with disabilities. It is for all campers regardless of ability, to be afforded an opportunity to enjoy a summer program with learning experiences, recreational activities, and fun. It is also a retreat offered to administration, staff, and clients of other agencies and programs in the community that serve the needs of children and adults with disabilities. Camp CaPella offers year round recreational and educational opportunities.
The camp had an amazing year with 179 campers and they have expansion plans that will accommodate 10 additional campers a week in the future! Check out their website at campcapella.org to see the unique experiences this camp provides for these kids!...Better yet, as Bill and Mike will both tell you, come on over and experience it for yourself!

Remember that great program we had a few months ago by Sharon Klein from UMaine about window inserts to reduce heat loss for the winter?  Well as most of you know, our very own Stan is one of her students and this past weekend he and several members of the Old Town Rotary Family had "the build."  They constructed window inserts that will be delivered to the specific homes for which they were meticulously measured and made.  They will be installed just in time for the frosty weather of Maine winter.  Since it is a college course aimed at economic development of sustainable conservation, the project will continue later next year as research is conducted to ascertain what effect the inserts had on the heat usage and loss of those lucky enough to have them.  Congrats to Stan and his Old Town friends on a successful build.  Check out a few photos of the build in the photo album to the left. 

To see more photos of the Purple Pinky Project click on the Photo Albums in the left column. 


Imagine making gasoline from a tree.  How cool would that be? 
Being a gift to the world never felt so good!

In golf you are essentially your own opponent.  You cannot influence how well others play, or exert control over the course or the weather conditions.  You are a team of one and the only control you have is over your own performance.  BUT.....
A Paul Harris Fellow is The Rotary Foundation’s way of expressing its appreciation to an individual for a contribution of $1,000, made either by them or by someone else in their name, in support of TRF’s educational and humanitarian programs.  The recognition is named for our founder, Paul Harris.  A contribution to The Rotary Foundation is an investment in the ideal of goodwill, peace and understanding: an ideal held in high regard by Rotarians the world over.
PHF was established in 1957 to show appreciation for and encourage substantial contributions to what was then the Foundation’s only program, Rotary Foundation Fellowships for Advanced Study, the precursor to Ambassadorial Scholarships.  The first Paul Harris Fellows include 1937-38 RI Director Allison G. Brush and longtime RI Treasurer Rufus F. Chapin, both for donations made in 1946. 
Though established as a fund raising tool, Rotarians often designate a Paul Harris Fellow as a tribute to honor a person whose life demonstrates a shared purpose with the objectives of The Rotary Foundation or who has performed an exemplary service to Rotary.
The first PHF awarded to an individual includes a certificate, a lapel pin and an optional ribboned medallion to be worn around the neck.  Subsequent PHFs to the same person are awarded by a new lapel pin with a given number of sapphires around the perimeter indicating the additional awards up to five.  Thus for example, a PHF pin with three sapphires would be a "Plus 3": a total of four awards.  A PHF pin with five sapphires would be a "Plus 5" for a total of six.  After the fifth sapphire the new pin will contain 1 to 3 rubies indicating the 7th, 8th, and finally, the maximum 9th award. 
This week PP Corina was proud to place a new lapel pin on PP Robin in recognition of her fervent dedication and support of our club over the past year...and always.  Congratulations to Robin on her second PHF....it is well deserved!

We make a lot of fuss and hoopla when we get new members and for good reason....we are thrilled to have them, we want them to know that, and we very much want them to feel welcome and to become involved because that is why people join Rotary: they want to be involved.  August is Membership and New Club Development Month, and with that comes an emphasis on new members......but there is more to membership than finding new members....getting new members means much less if they don't stay in Rotary.  All too often in our quest to bring new folks into the family of Rotary, we forget to appreciate those who have lived this committment for many, many years.  We forget to acknowledge the lifetime of service that some of our members have given, holding onto their Rotarian spirit through the massive facelifts and growth of Rotary as it evolved to meet the demands of a world that was yanked into the technological age. 
As of this newsletter we currently have eleven members who joined Rotary within the last year, several of whom have joined within the last couple months and five of whom are staffing a position in the club either as a board member or a committee member this Rotary year!!!  We are all happy they joined us and are delighted to see them engaging in the fellowship this great organization offers.  We are better and stronger with them in our corner. 
As awesome as that is, it gets even better.  We also have ten members who have been in Rotary for at least twenty years.  All ten of them are VERY active members seen at nearly every event and project and most meetings; seven of them are holding official committee or board postions within the club this year!  Of those ten, five of them have been in for at least thirty years, and one special man has been a Rotarian for forty-eight years!  How many of us have stuck with anything in our life for forty-eight years????  That is a lifetime of Service Above Self and the reason we pay tribute to Don Sturgeon (pictured above) with a Paul Harris Fellow. 
New members are awesome; we love them and want to share our wonderful Rotary experiences with all of them.  But as we celebrate membership month, never forget the reason we have all these wonderful Rotary experiences to share is because of our long time members who have spent decades of their life making Rotary International and the Rotary Club of Old Town the amazing powerhouses of fellowship and community & world service that they are today.

At this week's meeting President Sandy unveiled our plan to Be a Gift to the World.  Click read more to see our specific goals!


As this Rotary year winds down, we are already looking forward to what amazing things we can accomplish in the new year with President Sandy at the helm.  Projects start and end and we find new ones, but there is one activity in Rotary that is never finished, never loses importance, and never goes out of style.   


This past week OTR took to the road once again for one of our fabulous Road Trip meetings….but this time it had an awesome twist.  We all met at Uno Pizzaria and Grill for a great meal and lots of fellowship.  The twist?   Well Uno will be donating 15% to 20% of the value of our meal checks to The Rotary Foundation!!!
On hand were many Rotarians as well as family members and potential new members.  The food was great and the staff was friendly and efficient.  They even managed to belt out a song to celebrate Wendy’s graduation from nursing school!  Doug won the door prize – a scrumptious berry chocolate dessert wine made right here in Maine at Winterport Winery. 
Everyone had a good time and in the process we raised money for our Foundation.  Thanks to all who participated and a big thanks to D.J. for arranging for this very special “Dough Raiser”.
There is a photo album on the home page and in the newsletter with a few pictures if you care to see them. 

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