Join the fellowship!!!  Join the fun!!!  Join the team!!!
The bowling tournament is October 4th and we still need a few bowlers to complete our team.  Please contact Peter Bosse immediately if you can spare a few hours to bowl for a great cause.  Even if we come in last we will still earn $1,000 which we have earmarked for Crossroads Ministries to help our neighbors in need.  Crossroads Ministries is currently helping more than 750 families in our area.  The Kiwanis Club is joining us in this endeavor pledging their winnings also so at the very worst, together we will win $3000 for this worthy cause that helps the less fortunate in our community in exchange for just a few hours out of your Saturday afternoon.  Even if you won't be bowling, you can still share in the fellowship and come to cheer on our team!
The event will be held at Family Fun Bowling Lanes, 15 Hildreth Street, Bangor.   Bowlers should arrive by 12:30  to sign up and get their shoes.   The bowling begins promptly at 1:00 p.m.!  
There are ten teams...ten people on each team.  Each person will bowl one frame.  We will have 20 lanes so it should go fast, only a couple of hours, and the team with the highest score will win $10,000.  That's right 10K!    The lowest score will take home $1000 and everyone in between will win appropriately prorated amounts.  If you have any questions contact Peter.