The great Tom Watson was once asked during a big tournament which player in the tournament he feared most.  He replied “myself.” 
It is true that in golf you are essentially your own opponent.  You cannot influence how well others play, or exert control over the course or the weather conditions.  You are a team of one and the only control you have is over your own performance. 
Golfers were confronted with a formidable challenge proffered by Mother Nature on Saturday September 20th at Hidden Meadows Golf Course.  Our annual Old Town Rotary Golf Tournament that raises funds for our various projects was well attended, despite the temperature that hovered around 58 degrees most of the day – ten degrees below the average for this time of year.  In fact, no one seemed vexed about the autumnal air as the golfers strolled in, many sporting shorts.  Face it, 58 degrees is nearly beach weather to Mainers.  It wasn’t the temperature they had to battle.  It was the relentless southwesterly wind blowing steadily at 18 mph and gusting to 25 mph that made the game a challenge this year.
While the intrepid players were fighting the winds out on the links, the indomitable BBQ team was waging a similar battle as the wind repeatedly blew out the flames of the gas grills and sent chairs and cooking supplies flying across the putting green.  It was great fun!!!! 
In the end, everyone rose to the challenge and we all had a good time.  And it doesn’t matter who won.  When we raise some money for a good cause, everyone is a winner!  Thanks to all our players and volunteers who helped make the day a success.
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