Lighting Up Rotary and the Season: Rotary Days at the Festival of Lights Parade
Once again our fellow Rotarians from the Rotary Club of Bangor are hosting the fabulous Festival of Lights Parade.  On Saturday, December 6, 2014, Main Street in downtown Bangor will be transformed into a spectacular light show.  The theme this year, “Light Up The Season”, celebrates the magnificent winter of Maine in all its glory.
We will be entering a float again this year but we are taking it a little bit farther this time.  We will also be holding a Rotary Day in conjunction with our participation in the parade.  A Rotary Day???   That’s right!  This year RI President Gary is urging us all to participate in Rotary Days to Light Up Rotary.  The Rotary Day concept is a simple one; we take a fun, informal event in our community for the non-Rotary public and use it as an opportunity to introduce them to Rotary. It’s that easy.
Rotary Days can be practically anything and can be something hosted by the club such as a BBQ or concert, or it can be as simple as an effort aligned with a public event such as a festival or parade.  It can be conducted by a single club, or a group effort by several clubs.  The possibilities are as vast as our imagination, as long as they are fun and appealing to the non-Rotary public…after all, the whole idea is to introduce Rotary to others as the fun and exciting organization that we all know it is.
So let’s get out there and really Light Up The Season with our Bangor Rotarian friends and together we will all Light Up Rotary.