Hello My Rotary Family
Most of you have heard about us helping Crossroads clear out their space so they can do some much needed repairs.  Last Saturday was unbelievable with all of the food that was given away to those who needed it.  The next few weeks will be the thrift store that we are packing up and taking it up to the Elks for the indoor yard sale.  Tomorrow, Thursday, Feb. 25th and Friday 26h, both days at 10, we will be packing boxes and stacking them for transport for next week.  Next week Wednesday, March 3rd and Thursday March 4th again at 10 we will be boxing and taking things to the Elks.  Friday, March 5th, and Saturday, March 6th, at 9 is the yard sale.  Those of you who can lend a hand come and see us.  We will be inside the whole time so if you are not able to please stay home.  Next week we will be using vehicles to transport items so those of you who can not be inside can do that.