Outgoing President Keri Denis (left) welcomes incoming President Pat Cummings at the Installation Banquet on June 24 at the Old Town Elks Lodge.
The Rotary Club of Old Town held its annual Installation Banquet on June 24, welcoming the new President, Pat Cummings, and saying thank you to the departing President, Keri Denis.
A highlight of the evening was the presentation of six Paul Harris Fellowships to five deserving Rotarians, including Linda Bryant, Buggsy Bryant, Tamara Sarinen, and David Wollstadt. 
Keri and Linda.
Linda Bryant--This Paul Harris Fellowship is awarded to someone who is not an officer but who is always there. Linda is the one who always sees what needs to be done in the community and then getting on e-mail or the telephone to tell us what exactly what to do, and usually how to do it.  But she doesn’t stop there. She ‘s involved in projects from start to finish.  Whether it’s school supplies for kids, May baskets for the elderly, lining up individuals who need a wheelchair ramp installed or emptying the Crossroads Ministry building and overseeing the distribution of badly needed food in the community. In short, every club needs a person to keep finding ways to make a positive impact on the community. We have Linda Bryant.
Keri and Buggsy.
Buggsy Bryant--Buggsy is a multiple Paul Harris Fellow whose desire to help others has been exemplified in the fact that he has almost never said “no” when someone asked him for help.  He has always been there for us as a club, and we’ve learned that we can truly rely on him.  Although he may be considered a sidekick to some, we would be remiss not to honor him for his individual time, effort, and contribution to this club and our communities
Keri pins Tamara with her Paul Harris Fellow pin.
Tamara Saarinen, Treasurer--Tamara is a first time Paul Harris Fellow.  Although she joined our club four years ago, she jumped right in and got to work.  She asked questions and showed great interest and enthusiasm in understanding the operations of the club as a whole, which is critical in her role.  She held one of the hardest board positions of any non-profit organization.  Not only did she show up for fundraisers and projects, she also spent a lot of time to learn a new system in order to take care of the club financially. 
Keri presents Dave Wollstadt with his Paul Harris Fellow pin.
David Wollstadt, Club Administration--Dave is a multiple Paul Harris Fellow who has been a steady presence over the years. He has contributed countless hours to the club’s fundraising and PR efforts through his work, primarily in editing and publishing the club’s annual Hunters Breakfast Newspaper, which raises several thousand dollars annually.  He has also consistently encouraged other members to participate in this effort and share the load – which the goal of many hands/light work.

Ben Smith and Robin Merchant present Keri with one of her Paul Harris Fellow awards.
A special highlight was the presentation of two Paul Harris Fellow awards to Keri Denis, President, 2020-2021.  This was the first time in memory that one person received two Paul Harris Fellows. The first Paul Harris Fellowship was awarded in recognition of her many achievements as club president during 1920-21. As presenter Ben Smith told the Club, Keri was being honored “for exceptional and inspiring leadership in a time of extraordinary turmoil.”  Keri’s second Paul Harris Fellowship was awarded for her efforts in spearheading the Rotary Quarter Mile drive, which brought all three Bangor-area clubs together with a goal of obtaining about $16,000 worth of quarters—enough to create a mile-long oval of quarters. The project involved close coordination and encouragement among all three clubs, in which Keri was a key player. In addition to her blood, sweat, and cheers, she also found at least $1,000 worth of quarters that she donated to the project.

New Board Introduced

The new board includes (from left): Keri Denis, Past President and Secretary; Stephen Russell, House Committee; Steve Johnson, Sargent at Arms; Corina Larsen, Service Projects; Macie Cote, Public Relations; Lisa Colby, Membership; David Wollstadt, Club Administration (with Becca Wollstadt, Official Greeter); Tess Greene, Vice President; and Pat Cummings, President. Not present for photo: Stan Peterson, President-Elect; Tamara Saarinen, Treasurer; and Ben Smith, Foundation.