The annual tradition of every Rotary Club in the world: the installation of new officers. 
Last Thursday, we had the pleasure of thanking President Sandy for a wonderful year and a job well done.  We also welcomed our new president, Dave Wollstadt, to his new role, as well as a new slate of club officers.
    Food is also a priority when it comes to our Old Town Installation Banquets.  This year was no disappointment.  We feasted on imported (well, domestically imported to Maine) bratwurst from Milwaukee, grilled by Rotarians.  There were wonderful side salads and desserts as well.  The best caterers are our own members!
     So congratulate our new president, officers and committee chairs.  Thank last year's leaders for their service.  And remember, there is always a chair for you!  To learn more, just attend a director's meeting any month.  We'd love to have you!