On May 21, 2015 the Global Eagles were officially notified: they are the new kid on the block.  Of course the announcement of their Rotary Charter was great news for them, but it is also great news for us because they are the hot new E-Club formed by dedicated long time Rotarians, and they are now open for business. 
It is always a challenge here in Maine to find a Rotary makeup without driving a long way, especially for those who spend the summers at camp and the snowbirds who fly south for the winter.  Well here it is....the latest and greatest makeup opportunity and it is as easy as pie.  In fact you can sit in your lounger at camp eating a piece of Maine blueberry pie or relax by the pool in Florida with a pina colada while you do your makeup!  You can do it late at night or during your lunch break.  You can do it in your P.J.s….you can even do it in the buff and no one will mind!!!!   
In the newsletter and on the homepage of our website in the left column near the bottom you will find the "Links" section.  Right there at the top is the new link for the Global Eagles.  Just click and you are in.  On the top menu bar of their site you will see a button to click for programs.  There you can choose from the growing list of programs....a new one added every week on Monday morning.  "Attend" any program, which will take on average about 30 minutes of your time, and then under the same button you can obtain a makeup certificate or just let our Attendance person know that you did the makeup (right now that is Linda if you don't know).  You may also make a donation for the makeup...much like how you pay for the meeting at our own club or at any other brick and mortar club when you join them for a makeup.  This is voluntary but rest assured every dime donated goes to Rotary projects around the world.   
100% attendance is an admirable goal and now with the Global Eagles it is easier than ever.  With the notification of their charter they are busy working hard to make their website the go to place both for those of us looking for makeups and for potential members looking for an E-Club.  There will be lots of changes as they get things in place and grow but it already looks awesome!  It is bound to get even more awesome so check them out.....they love visitors!!