-Remember to let President Corina know if you are not coming or if you are bringing guests to the meeting each week.
-Monthly Board meeting is this Wednesday, April 8th, at Franks house.  See upcoming events for details.  If you plan to attend and have not indicated so in a head count or otherwise advised the host, please do asap so they can make appropriate arrangements for food.
-The District Conference is coming up soon and it promises to be spectacular.  The story link from last week will remain available for a few weeks for those who missed it.  District conferences are a fun time and the fact that our district spans international lines makes ours even more exciting.  Several people from our club are already signed up and they would love to have you join them.  Check out the story below for more details.
-The annual dinner and auction to benefit Maine Youth Fish & Game is April 11th.  See the upcoming events for details.
-If you are interested in the District Friendship Exchange coming up this year to Brazil, make sure you check out the story on the club website for details.  Preliminary applications are due April 30th.
-Our annual Charity Auction, the primary fundraiser for the year, will be May 7th.  Each member is asked to provide two auction items.  The sooner you let Linda know your items, the easier the job is for everyone.  Also, Linda needs help - she may be superwoman but even superwoman needs help now and then.  Talk to her and let her know what you can do to help on the auction committee.  EVERYONE should be prepared to assist on the day of the event.  And sell those tickets!!  See the story on the club website for further details.  
That's all folks......tune in to the next bulletin for more scintillating news from President Corina!!!