-A big thanks to everyone who helped make this year's auction a success.  And a super special thanks to Linda for bearing the burden of trying to herd us all into something that resembled an organized effort.....and she did it all with only one good leg!  Some of us might have bowed out or needed help after breaking a foot but when you're good...you're good...and she is the best!!!  As great as Linda is, it is not lost on any of us that she is only half of an awesome team....behind every great woman is a fantastic guy.  Once again Bugsy and Linda really went the extra mile to make our auction successful without any desire for personal kudos or acknowledgment.  It doesn't get any more Rotarian than that!
-This month's Board Meeting is this Wednesday, May 13th, at Stan's house.
-This week (May 14th) we have an offsite meeting:  ROAD TRIP!!!  We will be meeting at Uno Pizzaria and Grill.  A head count will be required so make sure you check early with family and friends and be ready to let Pres. Corina know how many are coming.  
-Remember to let President Corina know if you are not coming or if you are bringing guests to the meeting each week.
That's all folks......tune in to the next bulletin for more scintillating news from President Corina!!!