-Congratulations to this week's winner of the Polio Plus Monday Night Football Raffle:  Bugsy Bryant!  Another nail biter of a game!  With a minute and 50 seconds to go Sherrie was dancing her victory dance.  They had already lost the game but Texans never surrender so they lowered their horns and charged in for a TD putting Mike in the winning square.  But those pesky Texan's weren't done....with the extra point Bugsy took the prize.  
-The Hunter's Breakfast is November 1st.  All hands on deck!  Volunteers are needed for a variety of times and jobs.  Contact Frank if you can help.  This is the 64th Hunters Breakfast this club has held!  It is an important fundraiser so we can continue to do good in our community and our world.
That's all folks......tune in next week for more scintillating news from President Corina!!!