-Congratulations to this week's winner of the Polio Plus Monday Night Football Raffle:  Henry Sargent!   AGAIN????  Henry is lucky but he also bought a lot of squares and has been very generous in support of various Rotary fundraising efforts through the years.  Couldn't happen to a nicer guy! 
Growing pains......while we settle in to our new relationship with Black Bear Inn, please remember to be helpful and let President Corina know if you cannot attend a meeting or if you will be bringing a guest.  The weekly head count is a little tedious but very important as it affects the finances of the club.  The BBI is a good venue with lots of amenities for the club, so please 'bear' with it while we all make the adjustments and fine tune the details to make this a rewarding relationship for all parties.  Our $12 pays for ALL the amenities provided us (not just food);  with that in mind please be prepared to pay the weekly attendance fee if you attend the meeting, whether or not you choose to dine. Besides a meal, this money pays for the room, a waitress, linens, AV equipment, a sound system and podium to use every week, and a closet on site where we are allowed to safely store our clubs belongings so we don't have to cart them back and forth every week. 
-The December Board meeting will be a brief meeting held after one of our regular meetings. Date to be determined.
-The Christmas party is on December 11th...see the story below for more details.
- The Festival of Lights Parade is December 6th.  We will be decorating the float on Wednesday evening December 3rd at Bugsy's shop.  Additionally, this will be held as a Rotary Day!  Don't know what that is?  See the story below!
That's all folks......tune in next week for more scintillating news from President Corina!!!