-The editor had actually toyed with the idea of not doing a newsletter this week since the meeting was dark (hey if you get the week off, I get the week off!)....but Old Town Rotary is still hopping busy, and yes there is a bit of activity happening this week! (and that darned president of ours - what a slave driver - does the woman even sleep???)
-Congratulations to this week's winner of the Polio Plus Monday Night Football Raffle:  Well since we were dark last week, you'll have to wait until the meeting this week to find out who, but it was a very exciting game!  Stay tuned!!!  Dave will announce both this week and last week's winners at the next club meeting.
-You've probably been sufficiently nagged into submission on this but it really is important: please remember to let President Corina know if you are not coming to a meeting or are bringing guests.  And yes it is a little bit tedious to do this each week, but each of us only has to worry about one person doing it - ourselves.  Just think how tedious it is for the president who has to worry about this for every member of the club every week and keep track of it.  With that in mind please remember she is a busy lady running a business and a household, raising children, and leading our club with enthusiasm and flare....don't walk up and tell her you won't be at the meeting three weeks from now and expect her to remember that!  Help her help the club with time appropriate notifications.  
-The December Board meeting will be a brief meeting held after one of our regular meetings.
-The Christmas party is on December 11th...if you missed the story with the details it is still on the website.
- The Festival of Lights Parade is December 6th.  We will be decorating the float on Wednesday evening December 3rd at Bugsy's shop, 6:00p.m., so if you have some free time to help it would be much appreciated.  Additionally, our participation in the parade will be held as a Rotary Day!  If you don't know what a Rotary Day is and missed the explanation, you can read it on the website.
-Make sure you check out this week's story about the gift wrapping station.  Much help is needed and it is all for a great cause near and dear to your hearts!  Dave and I have signed up for Tuesday the 16th and would love to have you join us!  But there are lots of days and time slots available so please check it out and see if you can volunteer for one of the open times.
That's all folks......tune in next week for more scintillating news from President Corina!!!