September is New Generations Month! 
Rotary has a long and storied history enlisting and serving the young people of the world, teaching and guiding them so they will be prepared to shape our future with confidence and integrity.  Today Rotary’s long standing dedication to the leaders of tomorrow is known as Youth Service and is best displayed within the framework of Rotary’s four major youth oriented  programs: Youth Exchange, RYLA, Interact, and Rotaract.  This month we will feature a short history on each of these fabulous programs.  There will be four parts, one added at the beginning of each week in September,  so be sure to check it out each week.  You will see and hear from amazing young people whose lives were deeply impacted by Rotary…and you might see a face or two you recognize!  Paul is our Youth Service Chair.  If you are interested in Youth Service, talk to him and get involved.  It is a rewarding avenue of service that makes a long term impact.