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This meeting is the most important meeting of the year for a Rotary club. Our district (7790) has a membership of over 1700 members and 50 clubs, and stretches from Rangeley south to the city of Lewiston, Maine, east to Rockland, along the Atlantic coast to Bar Harbor, northwest to Old Town, then skips into the Province of Quebec, Canada and includes the cities of Trois Rivières, Québec and Sept-Iles including the Lac St-Jean area and the south shore of the St-Lawrence River up to Matane.
Both the RI president and the District Governor positions change annually. In our District, DG’s alternate between US and CA. The hierarchy of Rotary is there to assist clubs to be the most effective they can be in order to fulfill the object of Rotary. This in turn makes us more effective in our community and in our world.
While the DG is here, they will meet with your board of directors and learn what your club is all about and what your club is doing. Then, they will be the program at your meeting and will give a speech about their goals and the goals of the RI president. Do try to make it a very special meeting to show your respect for them and their willingness to fulfill this difficult position. As with club presidents, the District Governor's job is not just a single year commitment. They begin preparation two years ahead and often remain active as valued district executives and mentors for many years to come.

About our Rotary Leadership

District Governor for 2019-20 is Suzanne Uhl-Melanson of Waterville.  RI President is Mark Maloney, a member of the Rotary Club of Decatur, Alabama. 

The purpose of the District Governor’s visit:
  • Educating and supporting clubs in important Rotary issues and promoting the goals of the RI President.
  • providing support and attention to weak or struggling clubs.
  • Motivating Rotarians to participate in service activities.
  • Ensuring that the constitution and bylaws of the clubs comply with the constitutional documents.
  • Learning about your clubs goals, its communities and to lend any assistance.
  • Listening to clubs about how the district can better support them.

Things every club member needs to know about the DG Official Visit

  • It is customary to greet the DG with a standing ovation upon introduction and after their speech.
  • Dress is NOT casual. Business dress attire is appropriate.
  • Invite your spouse/partner.  They are highly encouraged to attend. We love to have them involved in our club, and this will give them a great picture of what we are all about and what our focus will be for the year.
  • If have a Paul Harris, please wear it
  • Don't forget your Rotary pin(s)!

Things the board members need to prepare for the DG Official Visit

Do not have a speaker or program scheduled other than the District Governor. Your DG  is the meeting.
Board Meeting with DG: 
  • DG usually runs the meeting but may defer to the President.  Start with introductions.  The DG will give the board their direction for the year.
  • Each officer and director prepares a written paragraph explaining what he or she will be doing during their term to support the club president and present them to the DG. Bring 15 copies.
Procedural Suggestions:
  • It is customary for the board to have a gift for the DG and spouse/traveling companion, usually from a local business. Usually it is presented at the end of the club meeting.
  • The board will coordinate with our AG for the DG’s visit. The AG is your liaison. Contact information for all AGs is available on under the District tab/District Organization
  • You may choose to induct a new member, present a Paul Harris Fellow, and give recognition via citations/awards during the DG visit.
  • If time allows, perhaps you may coordinate a “social” with your Area clubs.
Meeting suggestions:
  • Appetizers for the cocktail time before the meeting. Review the menu with your caterer/meeting site. Check with your AG for special dietary restrictions.
  • Flowers or centerpieces for the tables. Fill vases with flowers from Rotarian gardens if in season. Tie with blue or yellow ribbon. Ask for yellow or navy napkins and extra napkins to put in center of each table.
Day of Arrival:
  • Be sure to allow them time to get to their hotel and prepare/freshen up if necessary. Coordinate timing with AG. Be conscious of their traveling schedule.
  • If we have arranged accommodations, place a fruit basket and bottled water for room if they are staying. If the DG is from Quebec, limit produce in the basket as it is not allowed over the border.
  • If time allows, tour the past/current Rotary projects your club is involved in, usually before the board meeting.
  • Entertain the spouse or traveling companion that the DG arrives with (if they choose not to accompany the tour)